SAP FICO is defined as System Analysis and Program Development Finance and Control. SAP FICO is a software application used for measuring the financial data. It is also used to do external reporting like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss statement etc.But SAP FICO covers vast topics. Because of this, any SAP FICO training program is divided into two separate modules – SAP FI and SAP CO.

Modules in SAP FI

General Ledger Accounting: It is a complete report for internal and external accounting. It includes Accounts, Journals, Monthly debits, monthly credits, Balance Sheet and Monthly recording of all business transactions.

Accounts payable: It records and then manages all accounting data associated with vendors.

Accounts receivable:  It maintains records and manages all data associated with customers. It also includes Bank accounting module. It manages all bank transactions and also does the cash management.

SAP FI also manages the company’s assets by categorizing assets, setting depreciation value and calculating depreciation values according to the asset categories. Funds management helps to take decision forbudget. SAP FICO training teaches you all about the FI with SAP CO module. It also explains travel management.

Modules in SAP CO

This module includes these topics – cost controlling, cost element accounting, cost center, internal orders,activity bases costing,product cost controlling, profitability analysis and accounting for profit center.

 sap fico online training

SAP FICO training allows one to get knowledge on these two modules. Expertise in SAP FICO training will allow one to be capable to synchronize the business further. But today’s life is very busy. So, if is very difficult for finding time to do anything extra. Now students are very interested to opt SAP FICO online training. SAP FICO online training is a very flexible training program. You can learn FI and CO module from anywhere and provides complete set of SAP FICO online training for FICO aspirants.SAP FICO training not only gives benefits to employees, it also increases the efficiency of employee. If you are in need online training in any IT course, for yourself or for your staff you can Click here: SAP Fico Online Training.